We are a Boston based brand

Born out of of intention and love. Lunartesanal is bringing you beautiful hand, artisan & sustainable pieces made in El Salvador. From the mountains to the coast, with our products you're able to keep a little piece of el Pulgarcito de América with you.

Multimedia collage

Coconut Earrings

Our earrings are hand-made in partnership with Callotl - Artesania Sostenible- and their Costa... 

Reusable Coconut Candles

Our Coconut Candles  are hand-made in partnership with Callotl - Artesania Sostenible- and their Costa del... 

About Us

Hola! My name is May. Founder & owner of Lunartesanal.

I founded Lunartesanal because of 3 reasons:

1. Being born in El Salvador I experienced and saw the need for socioeconomic development within the artisan community.
2. My nostalgia and love for the land made me crave centralamerican visibility & representation in the U.S.
3. Lastly, the need to survive and work in this country.

Being an immigrant put a lot of systematic barriers for me to find employment & the innability to travel back because of immigration policies fueled me to pursue my vision.

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