A Shorty with Big Dreams


Not but literally I'm 5 ft tall! 

Hola hola ! My name is May Pérez, founder & owner of Lunartesanal.

The year is 2020, I was preparing to wrap up my last semester of college at Northeastern University, during a global pandemic, I was freelancing to sustain myself and help out my family who had been laid off due to Covid while also working on the launch of my big dream, Lunartesanal. 

Being born in El Salvador I experienced and saw the need for socioeconomic development within the artisan community. After 10+ years of living in the U.S my nostalgia and love for the land made me crave CentralAmerican visibility & representation in the U.S. 
Being an immigrant put a lot of systematic barriers for me to find employment & the inability to travel back because of immigration policies fueled me to pursue my vision. To build Lunartesanal, a brand rooted in intentionality, craftsmanship and consciousness for both people and the planet

The entrepreneurial spirit has run in my family. Back in El Salvador, my dad owned a car auto shop. Here in the United States, my mom is self employed through her work as a hair stylist. From an early age I knew what it means to "build your own path" despite the odds. While for some, entrepreneurship is a luxury choice, for me it has been survival, because so many "conventional" doors and opportunities were closed I was forced to create my own opportunity. Despite being a shorty, I have always dream big. My immigrant parents have always taught me to dream big, to the moon and beyond. 

Taking a leap of faith can be scary and uncomfortable, but I rather do it scared than not do it at all. As a celebration of our First Year Anniversary, I invite you to big dream, specially if you're a shorty like me. Do what you want. Believe in yourself. Go after it. Everything you need is within you. And of course, don't forget to take care of yourself while being a boss Lunita building her dreams. Your community is cheering you on Lunita! Sigue Adelante!





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