Collection: Reusable Coconut Candles

Our Coconut Candles  are hand-made in partnership with Callotl - Artesania Sostenibleand their Costa del Sol’s artisans in El Salvador.

Through their artisan work, we’re able to support their sea turtle conservation project. Each piece is carefully and intentionally crafted which also means each piece is unique and nobody will have the same earrings as you. 

Handmade in La Costa del Sol, La Libertad El Salvador.

Hecho a Mano en La Costa del Sol, La Libertad El Salvador.


Each piece is handmade therefore each piece is unique in texture and some products may look different than the one pictured. 


Cada pieza está diseñada a mano, por lo tanto cada pieza tiene una textura única y algunos productos pueden diferenciar al que esta fotografiado.