About Us

Hola hola ! My name is May Pérez, founder & owner of Lunartesanal.

Being born in El Salvador I experienced and saw the need for socioeconomic development within the artisan community. After 10+ years of living in the U.S my nostalgia and love for the land made me crave CentralAmerican visibility & representation in the U.S. 
Being an immigrant put a lot of systematic barriers for me to find employment & the inability to travel back because of immigration policies fueled me to pursue my vision. To build Lunartesaanal, a brand rooted in intentionality, craftsmanship and consciousness for both people and the planet. Since the beginning of my journey a non-negotiable has been to be intentional, with product production, artisan partnership, and environmental designs. Our designs and products highlight the skilled work of artisans and their rich sustainable practices.   

Our line of products nurture your self care, your need for cultura, and community. Products that ultimately align with who you are at your core and play a part in creating a more conscious, intentional, and meaningful world. 

We are committed to consciousness, sustainability and preservation. Through our coconut line of products we are able to support one of our artisan’s sea turtle conservation project. Each piece is carefully and intentionally crafted #handmadeinElSalvador.

Each piece is unique just like you, and of course made con mucho amor.